Owning your Pow*r!

Power is usually defined in terms of getting others to do your bidding. Hard power is using force to get your way; soft power is using influence and persuasion. Nevertheless it’s still power over others - rooted in competition and force. It’s very much the powerful few vs. the powerless many.

By contrast, Pow*r! is personal power especially to create your own life regardless of what the powerful few do. Pow*r! is yours. You can claim it, or give it away. If you claim it, which relatively few people do, your inner confidence grows and also your outer influence. Owning your Pow*r! means you don’t need power over anyone else.


Who is Pow*r! good for?

In general, Pow*r! can be the greatest force for personal and human growth in the world. Peace, opportunity and wellbeing are what most people in the world desire. Love is a universal value. Being empowered to be your best, and helping others achieve that state in themselves, is a high calling.

Pow*r! is especially relevant for different groups of people. Here are 25; see which ones you identify with.

You, your creativity and your voice are needed for humanity to evolve. If you agree, click an “I’m ready!” button and let’s do it!. You, and the world, will never be the same.

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Young People

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As a group, young people have most to gain from joining Pow*r!. You are inheriting a world stuck in the old fear-based, power and money-driven ways, where a few people make the rules and the rest are supposed to obey. Is this the kind of world you want to live in?

Or would you rather it be transformed to where peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all prevails. That is, where the power of love is greater than the love of power.

Joining Pow*r! is the first step to making it real.

Explorers, Seekers and Strivers


What’s in Pow*r! for you if you’re the kind of person who seeks to be the best you can be? A lot!

The first step to achieving self-fulfillment is to explore what resonates with you - that’s deeply personal work. The second step is applying that to help others, which his more extraverted in nature.

You can do both in Pow*R. It’s about exploring who you are, expressing who you are, experiencing what works for you, enjoying yourself and expanding to be your best self. And then helping lift others. It’s all there if you want it.

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Difference Makers

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One person can make a difference in the world - but to make a big difference requires many people and organization. Governments and corporations have those advantages. Pow*r gives you the ability to organize and make a difference on a large scale, but using a different model with love, creativity and peace as the driving forces.

Reinventing the rules on this planet can only be done by those who want to make a difference - you!



Life is lived between dreams and reality. So many people are focused on the here and now that their dreams never get off the ground. One’s dreams are important. Dreamers are important.

One of the Pow*r! principles is “See the Ideal (the dream) then make it real i.e. dream first, then take action to enable it to come true. Here, we dream of peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all and we learn what we have to do to make them real.

So, dreamers, bring your dreams and learn how to manifest them.

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Peace Lovers and Light Workers

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There are millions of people on the planet who live in peace and strive to spread love in the world. You know who you are and you know why you avoid politics like the plague.

Pow*r is the opportunity to create peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all in an energy set of love, inclusion, fearless fun and ease (no resistance). Add focus and organization and you create unstoppable momentum. It’s what you have been waiting for.



Non-conformity is an expression of power in a system that wants you to stay obedient and powerless.

Pow*r! is taking it a step further - reinventing the obsolete and restrictive system. Where there had been restriction, there is freedom to express who you are without invalidation; to experience and enjoy life without resistance.

Pow*r is not “fuck the system”; it’s “let’s make it easy for the system to topple under it’s own weight”. Remember, it was the non-conformists who brought down the Berlin Wall.

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The Underemployed

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Millions of people are doing jobs that they are overqualified for and/or working more than one of them to get by. With the advent of AI, the situation is going to get a lot worse.

How can Pow*r help? For $23, it provides a whole bunch of programs and ownership in a global organization that can be a pathway to a brighter future. But what it really does, if you want it to, is provide a sense of confidence and self worth that can really take a beating if you are not working or doing a job that doesn’t stretch you.

And, of course, it provides an opportunity to win the Nobel Peace Prize!



Are you the kind of person who loves a challenge; someone who roots for a come-from-behind victory, especially if it’s you that is behind?

Well, there’s a lot for you in Pow*r! You cannot be more of an underdog than this. Upending the established order, enabling a new harmonious energy to take precedence in the world is a huge challenge. It’s never been done before, not even tried.

One of the Pow*r! values is Fearless Fun, which ties right in with being an underdog: if it’s not fun, why do it?; if it doesn’t require courage, it’s not worth doing. Let’s do it!

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Low income


Wherever you are, however old you are, having low income usually means your access to opportunity and reaching your potential is cut off.

Pow*r is designed to counteract that:

  • it’s low cost (with monthly payments possible)

  • there are no entrance requirements (except age)

  • the courses, experience and ownership is the same

  • your ability to have a voice, interact and vote is the same.

Simply, it’s the opportunity to break free of your circumstances and reach for your potential.

The Frustrated


Top down systems are pervasive, frustrating and immovable. They are bigger than people are.

The idea of Pow*r is like that of Buckminster Fuller when he said “You never change things by fighting the existing reality; to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

It’s what we all want - for governance systems to become support systems instead; that enhance our lives rather than frustrate us.

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Baby Boomers


As a generation, Boomers fought against the status quo because the prejudices and social norms demanded it. Is today any different? The cold war is back; social inequality is sky high; minds seem to be as closed as ever - and on top of it we have climate change.

In many ways, Pow*r! is geared towards the next generation, but it offers Boomers three things: the opportunity to share your wisdom; the opportunity to learn from the next generation; and the opportunity to co-create something that incorporates the best of both. The Boomers’ time may be passing in to history, but the generation can still make a positive difference.


vets b+w.jpeg

Veterans are the people who most understand the futility of war - that’s why ex-service men and women are some of the most vocal advocates for peace. You have lived through seeing comrades killed, maimed or injured, whereas most of us just see it on the evening news. You are the ones who live with PTSD. You, and your families, are the ones who are affected for the rest of your lives.

War is always political. The lust for war is primarily from those who don’t have to fight it. Political leaders of whatever stripe, from whatever country, send others into war, not themselves. It’s time humanity grew up, stopped the flow of rivers of blood and enjoyed the dividend of peace. What you sacrificed doesn’t have to continue. 

And it’s time for regular people to lead the politicians and generals to peace, because they are not going to do it by themselves. And you play a central role.

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The value proposition of Pow*r! to parents is pretty obvious: to help create a world in which your children, all children, can thrive and realize their potential.

They can only do that if there is peace and the threat of nuclear war is gone. They can only do it if they have equal opportunity. And they can only do it if governmental focus is on the wellbeing of all people, not just party supporters.

$23 would seem a small price to pay…



Are you equipped for life when you leave high school? No, that’s why you go to University. Are you equipped when you graduate? (see The Underemployed).

Education, as it is structured in most of the world, is designed to support the system as it is. It teaches subjects not life skills; conformity not disruption.

Even if you don’t care too much about peace etc. Pow*r! let’s you experience applied knowledge in real world areas so that when you leave high-school, college or university, you know how to succeed in life as well as the subjects you are taking. And without student loans!

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Change Agents

The subtitle for Pow*r! could be “How to be a global change agent”. There are millions of activists around the planet working to make change where they can, usually at the local or regional level.

It’s way more difficult at the country or international levels because the systems are more entrenched and the players more powerful. This is the importance of Pow*r! - to reinvent the rules on these levels.

This is also where your experience can help influence Pow*r!; and where Pow*r! can help you in return.

Community Builders

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Reinventing communities is a major challenge for the 21st Century. Again, the old rules don’t apply anymore. Urban decay, natural disasters, shifting economic circumstances are all putting the emphasis on bringing people together to co-create at the grassroots level.

So, your community building experience in the real world is invaluable to the co-creation of the reinvention platform. In turn, the platform is applicable to many dimensions - local, regional, national or global. It is a tool for you to use for whatever community on which you focus.

As is the concept of peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all.

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There are two types of technologist that will be attracted to Pow*r!

  • those thirsty for knowledge - for you there is the opportunity to learn platform design, implementation and management throughout its life cycle (you co-own it after all!)

  • those who are hungry to teach those same skills, to share your experience to the wellbeing of others.

    In addition, the real-world systems that you reinvent using the platform all have a major technology component. The possibilities for technologists are endless.



Similar to technologists, the entrepreneurs attracted to Pow*r! are likely to be those early on the entrepreneurial journey, who are looking for answers, and those with experience who desire to share them.

The co-creation of NUKO is unprecedented and the decisions that have to be made are many, complex and interconnected. From vision, to strategy, to business model, from organizational structure, ownership structure to tax jurisdiction, the creation of a global organization from scratch is an experience that, up to now, only a very few have done.

Think about this: if you incorporate this experience into your entrepreneurial journey, there’s nothing that you won’t be able to handle subsequently.

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 Systems Thinkers

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The 21st Century is when systems thinkers will shine. There are so many broken, inefficient and ineffective systems just waiting to be reinvented.

At the moment, most systems are so entrenched that a little fix here or an add-on there is all that can be done. The result is top-heavy systems that are deemed too risky to reinvent (fear of the unknown) and are therefore way beyond their useful life

The sub-script of Pow*r! is to elevate systems reinvention so that the risk of not doing it is greater than the risk of doing it. For that we need systems thinkers. It’s your moment to shine.



Where to start with the opportunities for professionals to learn or share their knowledge?

Whether you’re a law, accounting, finance, tax, marketing, consulting or management professional there are opportunities in the co-creation of the courses, the co-creation of the platform, the co-creation of NUKO and its ongoing operations. There’s literally something of interest for everyone.

Not to mention that NUKO is global, so keeping a worldwide perspective is essential. Could be quite the challenge…

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Creative people see the world and are in the world differently than their more logic-bound counterparts. Sometimes it is not easy fitting in as a result.

However that difference is essential to the process of reinvention. The arts are about telling stories; reinvention is about telling a new story, in our case led by love towards peace, opportunity and wellbeing. Whether you are a visual artist, a writer, a musician, a videographer or a performer that’s what you do.

Pow*r needs people who see the world differently and who can tell great stories about universal truths, to cross boundaries and bring a sense of unity. It needs you.

 Academics and Educators


Empow*r U! (EU) is all about taking ordinary people to the leading edge and enabling them to fly. Academics and educators do that as part of their everyday life.

Clearly you are essential to creating a success of EU. Nearly all its courses are co-created - your expertise is valuable. You can suggest courses that may be useful immediately or in the future. You are crucial to the co-creation of the reinvention platform and NUKO too. And, of course, in the actual reinvention process, the academic perspective, while not conclusive in itself, has a major role to play.

Pow*r! is breaking new ground, if you like, writing the texts for the future. Be part of it!

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Investors and Philanthropists


The challenge for investors and philanthropists has always been to find the right project that helps them and others prosper - i.e. creating opportunity and wellbeing.

With your help, Pow*r! has the potential to be the greatest concentration of creative people focused on creating opportunity and wellbeing in history. And they have the skills and experience needed for future success beyond Pow*r! And they are exposed to reinvention opportunities throughout the world, some of which will require external financing.

Taking the Pow*r! journey creates a shared experience and alignment that can create the opportunities and wellbeing you both seek for minimal cost.



Traditional leadership is in crisis. Just as the traditional model of systems and structures is crumbling, so is leadership, even though many leaders don’t yet see it.

Rather than power over others, new models require leaders to empower others to reach their potential.

That’s what Pow*r! is all about. Spending $23 to learn how to lead effectively for the future is a bargain.

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Legislators sit at the top of the systems that are most resistant to change, even though they were designed in a long-past reality.

Representative governance will inevitably evolve from the (largely binary) party system to become more participatory, which means the role of legislators will evolve in step.

You can think of Pow*r, the reinvention platform and NUKO (whatever form it takes) as a foretaste of the future, taking the theoretical to the practical. You can embrace it, gain knowledge and experience from it and play a valuable role in moving the world to better governance at minimal cost. Worth voting for…