Different ways of looking at this…

The point here is obvious: what we see is based on the lens through which we look at life; that is, the personal and cultural assumptions, beliefs, norms and biases that we have collected upon the way.

12 views of Pow*r!

That depends on you. But on a personal level, you might look at POW! as a:

On a big picture or global level, you might view POW! as:

A way to learn subjects that are never taught in school 

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High school students, university students, those struggling

Whether in high school or university, the learning focus is conformity to a set curriculum with examinations to determine proficiency. It doesn’t suit everyone and it’s very top-down, the very thing that Pow*r! is trying to change.

Our approach is the polar opposite:

  • create subjects that are crucial to both personal and global peace, opportunity and wellbeing

  • focus on the principles and

  • enable you to take it as far as you want, without grades.

Take creative thinking for example. The ability to think creatively and express yourself is fundamental to your growth, satisfaction and success in life yet it is not really taught in schools. Pow*r! teaches the framework of how to do it, challenges you to use it to reinvent systems. Dive as deep as you want. No examinations or limits; you’re in charge.

The same goes for every subject in Empow*r U!

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A way to master new skills and own my future without student loans

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Students, apprentices, young people who want to get ahead

In many western countries, the dilemma many young people face goes like this

  • for my long term future I need to go to University (or beyond)

  • to go to University I need to take out student loans

  • there is no guarantee I will get a good paying job at the end (if one at all)

  • paying back the student loans will ensure it takes a long time to get ahead.

Yet another broken system.

POW! offers a different approach:

  • learn skills geared towards the future

  • master them by using them to reinvent global systems

  • create long-term expertise and influence through ownership of NUKO.

The key is to believe you can do it and use the resources of the Pow*r! community to expand your mind and create opportunities for yourself.

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A way to claim my power and set a new course for my future

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 The underemployed, disillusioned and frustrated

There are millions of people in the world who feel powerless, overwhelmed and unable to live up to their potential.

POW! is set up to enable you to claim your power, choose what resonates and then follow whichever direction appeals to you.

There is plenty of choice within Empowerment U. And then with your ownership of, and unlimited participation in, NUKO, you have the opportunity to find a direction in life that brings you satisfaction and growth.

If you are feeling powerless, it is often difficult to take action. It takes courage to take that first step to a new future. In the case of POW! the risk is small ($23), but the rewards are potentially life changing.

Are you ready to take that step?

A way to broaden my experience at low cost 

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Early-mid career technologists, professionals and business people

At the start of your business experience, you are typically near the bottom of the pyramid, with your future determined from above. The hierarchy often rewards behaviour that goes against your values and is sometimes detrimental to the organization itself (the Wells Fargo scandal for example).

Add in that the work is often not very stimulating and many organizations operate from a “last-in, first-out” policy for cutbacks and layoffs, then it’s clear that the low-ranks in the corporate hierarchy is not often a fun place to be. Many people adopt the stance that, “I’m going to learn what I can from this, then move on”.

POW! fits right in with that sentiment. It offers an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and experience without having to go to Human Resources and getting approval for professional development. Not only are the topics in Empower U. advanced, you are able to see how a corporation can be when it is purpose-driven and structured to benefit everyone. After all, you help with the structuring and the ongoing managing of it, to the extent you wish.

By no means do you have to leave your job to participate in POW!. But you can rise above the heavy hierarchy!

Are you ready to rise up?

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A way to create and own a global organization 

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Aspiring and actual entrepreneurs

What do you need to do to create and own a global organization? It’s a deep process of vision, thought and decision making.

  • What’s its purpose?

  • Is there a market?

  • How do you reach your customers?

  • What’s the business model?

  • How do you structure ownership?

  • etc. etc.

If you have never done it, POW! is the place to learn. If you have done it, POW! is the place to share your experiences.

And it’s not just any organization. From the start, NUKO has the potential to be a new type of organization, a co-creation of something not previously possible, where the purpose is to fulfil the potential of clients, owners (you!) and humanity as a whole.

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A way to explore how big I can be

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POW! is an exploration of possibilities - for you as an individual, for people who join as a group and for humanity as a whole.

For you as an individual, it offers the opportunity to explore just how “big” you are. Many of us are told as children that will never amount to much and have been programmed to play by the rules (other people’s!). No wonder that many of us have a constant level of anxiety that we are not worthy to reach our potential.

With POW! there is only one rule - abide by our LIFE values: Love, Inclusion, Fearless Fun and Ease. Just those 4 values alone lower the tension and open up possibilities of greater freedom andself-worth.

Other than that, there are no rules. You have free choice to participate as much or as little as you wish; to focus on yourself, the cohesion of the group or on humanity as a whole, whichever is your pleasure. Creating Peace, Opportunity and Wellbeing applies to all three, and while some would say that you can’t create it for the last two without achieving it for yourself, that is up to you to decide.

You are free to take what you learn in whatever direction you wish to - to revolutionize your life if you want to. Are you ready for that?

A way for leaders to become more responsive to people’s wellbeing

Who influences leaders? If you’re a political leader, you are influenced by the people who keep you in power - usually a close circle of advisors, financial backers and the military (and maybe the media). The people who voted you into power are down the list somewhere… that’s the nature of the power hierarchy as it exists today.


You’re gonna have to serve somebody


But what if “the people”assisted leaders on an ongoing basis? NUKO can provide a middle ground between the powerless masses and the inner circle; skillful people working to the benefit of all, influencing those in power by sheer numbers and competence. Up to now, this has not been possible; soon it will be.

Are you ready to influence political leaders?

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Create greater freedom for future generations 

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Enable the power of love to finally be greater than the love of power 

We the people reinvent the rules to the benefit of all 

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To change the dynamics of power on the planet

From “power over” to “power to”

here we go











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To integrate higher consciousness into business and politics