Self-empowerment and self-expansion; creating, then owning, online courses, a technology platform and a global organization; shaking up the system, reinventing the rules; leading world leaders, living a bigger life; creating peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all; and having fun doing it? For $23?

impossible, right?

Yes and No

If you look at the world through traditional eyes and think in a traditional way, it is impossible. Many people will dismiss it as being unrealistic, stupid to try even.

But if you see, think and act different (as Steve Jobs said) then peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all, and all those other things, are entirely possible for $23.

You just have to be prepared to let go of tradition.

Think about it…

For centuries, humans have organized themselves in top-down hierarchies.

In political governance systems it looks like this: power is concentrated in a strongman leader at the pinnacle of the top-down, command and control hierarchy, with an inner circle of allies supported by guns, money, business and the media. Together, these powerful few make the rules, design the rewards and choose the incentives for the powerless many to follow.

That’s how the system works. The behaviours needed to reach the pinnacle - intense competition, back room deals, divide and conquer your enemies, etc. - perpetuate the game. Centuries ago, Shakespeare wrote about it and Machiavelli showed how to play it. The heads are different but the game is the same.


None of the (possibly) existential crises the world faces are traditional:

  • climate change is not traditional

  • artificial intelligence (AI) is not traditional

  • world peace is not traditional

They can’t be solved using Machiavellian strategies. And because they don’t fit the paradigm, politicians deny them, ignore them or blindly follow the party line. They don’t know what to do!

Tradition, and the systems and structures it has spawned, is leading humanity to its doom. And quickly.

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Creating the future

So if the traditional way of seeing, thinking and acting won’t save us, what will?

The same thing that makes world peace possible for $23 - a new paradigm where:

  • the definition of power is changed from “power over others” to “power to create” (pow*r!)

  • pow*r is in the hands of the powerless many

  • we are pulled forward by a desired future not pushed by a traditional past.

It requires:

  • love for others (the golden rule) not fear of them

  • cooperation not competition, and

  • openness to change rather than a closed mind.

Billions of people, young and old, live like this already. It’s not difficult. In fact it’s easier than hanging on to traditions and judgements that don’t fit anymore.

The question is: how do apparently powerless people enable this new paradigm to supplant the traditional one?

And the answer is…


pow*r logo 732.png

POW stands for… peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all

R! stands for… reinventing the rules

The star *… is you.

Pow*r! is the $23 program.

Its essence is human creativity.

You can describe it as: we the people, reinventing the rules to create peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all. (All the other benefits flow from that).

You can look at it as power to the people, a peaceful revolution, or leading from the bottom up. It doesn’t matter because it’s all of those.

What does matter is that it’s the first opportunity for a critical mass of regular people to have the tools, skills and experience to change “the system” for the better.


for individuals

that you live a bigger life through your participation; you create peace, opportunity and wellbeing for yourself and those near and dear to you.

for members as a group

that together you reinvent the rules of the world’s governance systems so they support peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all. then lead others to it.

for humanity

that peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all becomes the accepted model for those in leadership positions

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How to get from now to pow

We’re obviously a long way from POW, with no obvious path to get there. To create the path to POW, you ask 2 questions:

  1. What is the ideal outcome? In our case, obviously, it’s POW

  2. Then starting from the ideal: What has to happen to make that real? And you keep asking that question until the path becomes clear.

Here’s the path to POW:


You can see the path requires a critical mass of people both advocating and taking action for POW and that nothing happens if we don’t start now.

The Journey

The 3 Steps of Pow*r!

Your $23 buys automatic inclusion in all 3 steps.

Step 1. Decide to do it

pow*r logo 732.png

Step 1 is where you decide to put aside tradition and join something that has never been done before, where the outcome is in doubt (because it has never been done) but where you can have unprecedented self-expansion and change the world forever! Is that a risk worth taking?

Success requires a critical mass of people; even better would be an unstoppable mass.

What’s a critical mass? Probably 1 million people. What’s an unstoppable mass? Probably 10 million people. Think of the message it would send to leaders (eg the US presidential candidates) if 10 million people have the skills, tools and experience to reinvent the rules towards POW!

Step 2. Learn how to do it


Step 2 is where tradition really gets thrown out the window. You co-create:

  • a specialized University

  • 20+ personal and professional development courses

  • an online systems reinvention platform

  • a process to reinvent systems and use it on real world systems

  • an organization (NUKO) to reinvent systems around the world.

None of these have been done from the bottom up before. How many people have ever done one of these, let alone five?

And then, upon graduation, the intellectual property you have created is transferred to NUKO and ownership of NUKO is transferred to you equally. Now you are an owner of an organization that has the capability to spread systems reinvention and peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all throughout the world. No tradition there.

By the way, you don’t have to participate in everything - it’s not like a traditional university. You choose your own areas of interest and participate in them. (And nobody grades you).

3. Do it!


Step 3 is where the company of which you are an owner, NUKO, does 3 things, none of which are traditional. It:

  • reinvents systems around the world

  • influences and leads leaders to embrace POW

  • teaches others how to do both

NUKO is where all the preparation comes together. The more people who own NUKO, the greater the momentum for POW, the sooner the threat of nuclear war will evaporate and the sooner people the world over will have greater opportunities and a life of wellbeing.

And you live a bigger life than would traditionally be available to you.

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What else is in it for me?

If that is not enough, here are 4 things that go in the “But Wait, There’s More!” department:

1 Donation to Warchild

Warchild is a charity that helps children whose lives are decimated by war. We will donate $1 from your membership to them.

2 Referral Program

This is where your membership can pay for itself. For a limited time, we will send you $2, in the form of an online gift card, for every new paid in full membership that names you as referring them during the checkout process. Unfortunately, referral fees are not available for subscription memberships.

If you prefer, any referral fees you earn can be donated to Warchild.

3 The Nobel Peace Prize

If NUKO is effective in advocating and reinventing systems for peace, there is the possibility that the organization will nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. As an owner, the nomination reflects on you. How cool will it be to tell that to your children and grandchildren that you won the Nobel Peace Prize?

4 Fun

Fun takes many forms:

  • the fun of creation

  • the subversive fun of shaking up the system and then reinventing the rules

  • the fun in participation in something bigger than yourself

  • the fun of being on the leading edge

  • the confident fun of knowing that you can handle anything in your life

Obviously it’s a different kind of fun than sky-diving or climbing Mt. Everest, but the risks are lower too!

So what do I risk?

  • Your comfort zone - the whole point of Pow*r! is to enable you to leave tradition, normalcy and your expected place in the world as far behind as you want. For some that means letting your freak flag fly for the first time in your life. Can you leave your comfort zone behind and expose and express the real you?

  • Criticism - you risk people saying “who are you to think you can do this?” Unlike you, the critics own their powerlessness and will never live the fulfillment of creating something that’s bigger than themselves

  • $23 US or 9 payments of $3. That’s it. No hidden fees, no student loans or bribes needed. The opportunity to completely change the trajectory of your life and the world will cost you $23. But there’s no guarantee it will work, that’s up to you and the other pioneers who join.

Also, ask yourself: What do I risk if I don’t join? And my friends do?

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 And what do I have to do?

2 things:

  1. Join (obviously!)

  2. Follow the guiding principles (really easy for most people).

That’s all. You don’t have to do anything else. You will probably choose to do so for your own personal growth, but you don’t have to.

It would be good if you told other people about Pow*r!, not just for the referral fee, but the more people who want to stir things up the more effective we will all be. And the greater our chance of creating a world of peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all.



OK, Here’s my decision…

I want to see fundamental system change and to live in a world of peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all. I’m ready to rise and join the revolution to help make it happen.

I need more information

Fair enough. This has never been done before and there’s a lot to digest here. Explore the site to find the information you need:

  • to see if you are a good fit start with WHO;

  • to immerse yourself in the process go to GO DEEPER

  • to see the latest, go to NEWS; and

  • when you are ready, click any “I’M READY!” button or in the menu.


OK. Please come back if you change your mind. Live long and prosper.