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Roadmap from NOW to POW

to explain the logic of Pow*r!

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Vision, Mission and Purpose


Vision and Goal

POW. Peace, Opportunity and Wellbeing for all.

Mission and Purpose

To enable people to make POW real.


The Challenge

To find a way to bridge the ever-widening gap between now and POW (because there currently isn’t one).

The Response

The only way to meet the Challenge is to start where you want to end up and work out a way to make that real (Reinvention Principle #2 below). In essence, ask “what has to happen to make this a reality?” and gradually work backwards to the present day. The Roadmap above follows this logic.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality; to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete
— R. Buckminster Fuller


1 Give up fighting NOW

Fighting the status quo keeps you tethered to it and is ineffective. Demonstrating against governance systems feels good and generates good publicity but doesn’t do much good. In the US, think: gun control marches, the Women's March etc.

Fuller’s is a much more productive idea - if you know how. It is proactive and creative. Clearly Pow*r! is in alignment with Fuller.

2. Focus on changing systems, not people

Governance systems create rules and incentives which in turn create behaviour. Rules and incentives that benefit a few people - think Wall Street and taxes - cause behaviours that are skewed towards self-interest. Today’s political mode is to adjust the rules slightly to fix perceived problems, when in most cases it is the underlying system that is at fault for lack of fairness.


By reinventing systems as a whole, rules and incentives can be designed to promote behaviour that benefits everyone affected.

3. Reinvent the process of creating systems

What does it take to create fundamental system change? Reinventing the way systems are created. A top down methodology will result in top down systems. Utilizing the same people who create governance systems now (largely lawyers), will result in top down systems.

It’s time for something new - new people, new thinking and a new process (as described here). Which is what Pow*r! is all about.

So the response is this:

To achieve POW, we need a critical mass of governance systems leaders (political, military, business etc.) too adopt POW as a goal.

What will it take?

  • A critical mass of people (a much larger number) to advocate for POW

  • A large number of systems/rules to be successfully reinvented in alignment with POW

  • Incentives to be in place for leaders to become advocates themselves.

This isn’t easy (if it was it would have been done by now). In a democracy, the primary incentive revolves around getting elected; in a more autocratic regime, it is less clear cut, but the Arab Spring illustrated how vulnerable autocratic governments can be.

What will it take to achieve those 3 conditions?

  • Advocates are organized

  • The actively reinvent the systems and rules

  • and create the incentives.

This is the role of NUKO. Instead of being organized on the fly, NUKO enables POW focussed systems to be created and momentum to be built systematically.

What will it take for advocates to meet those 3 conditions?

  • they have to have knowledge, skills and experience to be able to reinvent systems

  • they have to have the resources to do it

This is the domain of Empow*r U! where you learn the knowledge and skills, get experience using them in real-world situations and then receive actual ownership of the courses, technology and business assets you have co-created.

(The added bonus is that all of the knowledge, skills and experience benefits you in other areas of your life.)

What would it take to make Empow*r U! real?

  • that a critical mass of people are sufficiently enthused about the benefits for themselves and the world that POW can bring that they risk $23 to join Pow*r!

So, a little act by lots of people can create a way to bridge the gap between now and POW.


Reinvention Principles

Principles of Reinvention

Pow*r! has 4 mutually supporting principles to guide the reinvention of systems. You will see that these are NOT really what are used at the moment!

They are:

  1. Set the energy at LIFE - which means co-creation takes place in alignment with these parameters:

    • Love - as in the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you)

    • Inclusion - everybody has a voice and has equal voting rights; no one is “special”

    • Fearless fun - fearless because we are ruffling feathers; fun because a sense of lightness is necessary

    • Ease - ease means no resistance; it’s only a struggle when you are not doing this to the benefit of all.

    That the acronym is LIFE is no coincidence. If you always set your energy at LIFE, your life would be less stressful, easier and more joyful.

  2. See the Ideal and then make it real - another way of saying this is Have Clear Intent. Or “Start with end in mind” and ask “what needs to happen for this to become real?”. (Like the Roadmap from NOW to POW).

  3. Reinvent to the benefit of all - don’t just try to fix what exists, reinvent it. Most governance systems are decades if not centuries old - it won’t work just to problem solve. And if you are not doing it to the benefit of all, you’re building on sand.

  4. Make democratic decisions - if a particular suggestion scores 52% for and 48% against, it is clearly not the ideal, nor to the benefit of all. Back to the drawing board.

You can see, these 4 principles mean that the participants have to be open to new ideas. This is why there is so much emphasis on thinking in Empow*r U!.

Note that these Principles are real. If you don’t think you can abide by them, please don’t join.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
— Martin Luther King Jr. and/or jimi Hendrix

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