Reinvent the rules, influence, lead and teach

At the end of Empow*r U!, Pow*r! ends too. The task of creating POW in the world passes to NUKO, your organization. As you have not yet created NUKO, there isn’t much to dive deep into, except in general terms.

Below is how NUKO looks at the inception of Pow*r!. It can be changed, or not, depending how you set NUKO up.



POW: Peace, Opportunity and Wellbeing for all.

Mission and Purpose

To build momentum towards POW by fundamentally changing governance systems throughout the world.

Primary Tasks

  • reinvent systems around the world

  • influence and lead leaders to embrace POW

  • teach others how to do both


The NUKO Challenge is to fulfil the Vision, Mission and Purpose, and perform the Primary Tasks, as an organization that is created, managed and owned by potentially millions of people.


Who knows?

You will decide the response in the creation process. In effect, you will be creating a model for organizational governance that paves the way for organizations of the future that have massive amounts of owners. 

And thus you complete the circle and solve the big puzzle: how to create peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all in political and organizational settings and create an alternative to the top down power hierarchy. Finally.