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Thank you. The enrolment process is pretty simple. First, a couple of reminders.


Enrolment Agreement

Legally, your relationship with Pow#r! is governed by the Enrolment Agreement. It’s written as simply as possible and is only 2 pages long.By joining you have agreed to abide by it.

Age Reminder

To make Pow*r! available to as many people as possible, the minimum age to enrol is 14. If you are under 18, you should review the Enrolment Agreement with a parent or guardian.

Enrolment Process

Enrolment has 2 steps: choose your membership option and choose your payment option.


There are 3 options: 

  • $23 Membership where you receive the full benefits of the program immediately

  • $23 Gift Card which you can buy for friends and family to join

  • Subscription Membership where you sign up for 9 monthly payments of $3. The subscription alternative enables a super-low monthly payment, but has some limitations, outlined below.


Our payment processors are are Stripe and Paypal. As such we accept debit cards, credit cards and PayPal, except as noted below.

Limitations on Subscription Memberships

There are 3 limitations on Subscription Memberships:

  1. Legal - your ownership in NUKO cannot be legally transferred to you until you have paid in full. Thus if graduation from EU happens while you still have a balance owing, you will have the option of paying it off for immediate ownership or waiting until your subscription ends and your ownership transferring at that time.

  2. Payments - unfortunately instalment payments are not available through PayPal.

  3. Referrals - referral reward payouts cannot be made until subscriptions are paid in full.

Despite these limitations, the subscription membership option enables virtually anyone over the age of 14 to join.

OK, let’s go!

Choose from one of the three options below. If someone referred you to us, don’t forget to

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