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I’m Ready!

“Come to the edge, he said”

It’s easy to enrol. Simply read the Enrolment Agreement and pay.

Age requirement

We want to make enrolment in POW! available to as many people as possible, so the minimum age to enrol is 14.


There are two ways to pay:

  1. A one-time payment of $21 by debit card, credit card or PayPal; or

  2. Instalments of $3 a month by debit card or credit card for 9 months.

Unfortunately instalment payments are not available through PayPal. There are other restrictions too - see here (FAQs) for details.

Gift Cards

If you would like to give the gift of Peace, Opportunity and Wellbeing to a loved one or friend, we offer electronic gift cards.

Referral Bonus

Clearly, the more people who enrol, the quicker we shall all know peace, opportunity and wellbeing. So we are offering a $2 bonus, in the form of an internet gift card, for every referral you make that results in someone enrolling. See here for details.

Let’s go!