The Unofficial Theme Song for Pow*r!

we are living in perilous times, living with perilous people, doing some perilous things to one another

the small hand is on evil and mayhem, the big hand is on… well, that's your choice

the big hand can be on fear, and hopelessness or we can sift through all of this bullshit and uplift

RISE… to a higher understanding of why humans choose war over love

RISE… way above.so we can touch back down on God's brown, green, blue earth, with

tolerance, knowledge, compassion for when other humans hurt

tolerance, knowledge, compassion for how other folks pray a little different

tolerance, knowledge, compassion for how others folks speak a little different

tolerance, knowledge, compassion for the fact that

we ain't just a pronoun, a little itty bitty word, it's a state of being

we, a collective, a community.

we, a world community, the human family.


Sounds corny yeah i know but

we better start thinking, moving, breathing along these lines, or else

we may not be thinking, moving, breathing for our selves

we may not be thinking, moving breathing loving, or even fighting anymore at all coz

this thing we call life and living will all be over

over some land

over some oil

over some commerce

some sub-human shit

so uplift

before there won’t be no more sunshine for babies to get brown beneath

so reach high inside for what ever you need to uplift and…


set that big hand on change and love and all that good stuff and…


Roger MutimerComment