Are you ready to be swarmed?

We take you know to a shareholder presentation from Stratoenegetics:

If this video didn’t scare you, it should have,

While Stratoenegetics is a fictional US company, this is not science-fiction:

Drone technology is so cheap, replicable and transportable that it is not beyond the capability of even “non-state actors” (to coin a phrase).

So far, full autonomy for AI-controlled weapons is being resisted, at least by the Pentagon. The decision for a “kill” still has to be made by a human. But all it will take is one event and all hell will break loose, literally,

Like any advance in technology, drones have the potential to be used for good or evil. We have to target the evil ideology, right where it starts - in the minds of clever, creative people who love power, love money and love to justify murder. The only way we will do that is to make the incentives for peace greater than the incentives for war.

Hence Pow*r!

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