Irony in Silicon Valley


By way of repetition

The world operates on male dominated, top-down, command and control hierarchical systems fuelled by the need for power over other people.

The power-first mentality promotes competition, divisiveness, game playing and deviousness - anything to gain and hold on to power.

But the old power systems don’t work anymore. Their dysfunction is evident in politics all the time. Among other things:

  • they are rigid and inflexible in a rapidly changing world

  • they rely on a compliant, powerless populace which is a fiction

  • they also assume that the powerful few at the top know what they are doing…

No product-market fit

Ripe for disruption

In business, such systems would be disrupted out of existence by newcomers with a different perception. But you can’t replace the players in a social system - you can only reinvent the rules to better fit the environment betters. However, leaders won’t change the very rules that gave them power.

Another reason why humanity needs you, even though you have no power - yet!

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