Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Meade


There have been many people who have helped this project over the years. Heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all those listed below for your contributions:

AA, Don L, Lynne B, Bernie F, Arnold S, Jozef S, Marlane and Gabe B, Camilla B, Derek B, Julie Y, Hugh M, Peter T, Bill W, Aubrey B, Roslyn S, Barry W, Brian F, Kelsey T, Dean C, Norine W, Rebecca C, Richard P, Ron B, Graham H, Linda and Pat B, Cheryl S, Ed C, Janice L, Rohit C, Christopher B, Bridget O'S, Gregg and Jane R, Sharon S, Andrej D, Danielle M, Dorothy Y, John D, Kathleen N, David M, Dan L, Tamar H, Jared S, Susan P, Gisela G, Janette D, Peter B, Philip H, Yvonne B, Lindsay B, Ross and Margeret H, Chris H, Lisane G, George and Parviss P, Geraldo D, Helga and Doug L, Andrey V, Dean and Catherine A, Alan G, Andrea M, Brian D, Chunpeng W, Gayle H, Ken and Karen H, Laura L, Marion B, Oleg P, Jayne F, Dave F, Ann Marie H, Frances L, Karen H, Connie G, Katharine H, Linda F, Hannah B, Stefan S, Peter S, Susan WM, Andrew de SP, Jeanne C, Anne Marie G, Chris S, Frances LS and, of course, Chuck W, Lyman C, Stephen G and Jon S.

Thanks are also due to: Don L, Paul T and E de B, Darryl, Esther, Geoff and Linda, Lee, Steve and Barbara (and their friends) for expanding my horizons.