Roger Mutimer


The story behind Pow*r! is the tale of 2 journeys.

The first is my 40 year business journey. External focus, left-brain, logical, male, action-oriented, competitive, yang energy.

That journey encompasses sales, accounting, banking, consulting and C-suite experience in packaged goods, social services and (primarily) software, both as a hired gun and a founder. Somewhat of a roller-coaster career but rich in experiences looking at situations with different eyes than industry norms.

The second journey is a lifetime search for meaning - how the universe works and my place in it. More internal, creative, female, meditative, heart-based, connected, yin energy. It's a journey of intense introversion and amazing, seemingly unexplainable, experiences. 

Both are necessary, neither is sufficient. So the major challenge has been integration of the two - which can only be done with free choice, deliberate intent and devotion of time. Uni-fi is my vehicle to integrate the two on a larger scale.


While millions see that the traditional male energy world needs rebalancing, the systems, structures and hierarchies that support it are deeply rooted, even though they may be obsolete and dysfunctional.

Uni-fi is an Oregon corporation whose purpose is to provide people with opportunities to claim their personal power and own their future. Its projects aim to integrate both yin and yang principles - the ability to get things done with compassion. Hence the Pow*r! line: "we the people reinventing the rules to the benefit of all".

Right now, we are focussed on Pow*r!, to enable you, if you are ready, to open the door to deliberately creating a more peaceful, compassionate and abundant world.