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we the people,

reinvent the rules

to create peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all


It’s the 21st Century

Why do we still have

An arms race

and inevitable nuclear conflict?

Because our governance systems are old and built on competition and fear

Sky high inequality

and inevitable social tension?

Because our governance systems are also built on power and money worship

Climate Inaction

and inevitable destruction?

Because our governance systems are also top heavy and unresponsive

 When we need

Peace for all

Governance systems that support peace, freedom and harmony

Opportunity for all

Governance systems that support people reaching their potential

Wellbeing for all

Governance systems that support people being happy, healthy and safe

We need POW - Peace, Opportunity and Wellbeing for all

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What would it take to create that? 

New Systems

… obviously. It would take moving away from the old, top-down, powerful few / powerless many, control hierarchies to new, inclusive, supportive and responsive systems of governance.

New Thinking

That requires a different level of consciousness that reflects the world as it could be (rather than what is was and is) and the willingness to actively design and create rules to achieve it.

New People

That requires different people creating the rules - empowered people with the skills, experience and willingness to reach for peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all. Young people especially!

That is, changing the dynamics of power on the planet

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 OK, so how do we do it?

We own our power to co-create the future

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The big idea: make Peace, Opportunity and Wellbeing for all inevitable.

We can do that by making it easy for anyone in the world aged 14+ to have the skills, experience and resources to reinvent the rules (Empow*r U). And then to do it (NUKO).

That’s what pow*r is - not top-down power over others, but bottom up power to co-create the future that we want. The key is to make it easy for each other

Pow*r! is a co-creative journey that no one has ever done before. You expand your potential, create new opportunities and wellbeing. You change the dynamics of power on the planet.

We gain the skills, experience and resources

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Stage 1 is Empower U!, the bottom-up university.

Its purpose: to provide you with the skills, experience and resources you need to reinvent the rules for yourself, then humanity.

It consists of over 20 personal, technology, systems and business programs and experiences, all co-created by you.

You also co-create a software platform, a global organization (NUKO) and reinvent real world systems.

And then ownership of it all is transferred to you. Yes, on graduation, you co-own it all.

We teach others, then lead the leaders

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Stage 2 is NUKO, the organization you just created and own.

Its purpose: (1) to spread the vision of peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all throughout the world; (2) to spread the new way of creating governance / support systems throughout the world; (3) to teach others how to do it; and (4) to prepare leaders for the future.

It’s self-reinforcing and self-sustaining.

As its (and your) influence grows, existing leaders will follow - unable to ignore peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all any more.



What’s in it for me?

Broader Horizons

At the very least, you learn subjects not typically taught in school or college. You gain new skills and apply them in real-world situations. And you can build a network of like-minded people around the world.

Exploration & Adventure

As a member of the Pow*r community, you are on the leading edge - you are reinventing the way the world works and in the process yourself. You are a pioneer;, boldly going where no one has gone before!

New Possibilities

Pow*r creates new possibilities in other ways. If you are just starting a career in technology, business or social change, learn from the best. If you are experienced, help teach those who want to change the world!


You co-own a global “university”, a software platform and global organization. Take the knowledge and experience you have gained to springboard your ideas in other areas of life - i.e. own your future as well!

A Bigger Life

You can look at Pow*r! as a way of creating peace, opportunity and wellbeing for yourself; that is, being in the world in a different way - pow*rful, self confident, knowing that you can handle anything in your life.

A Future for Humanity

The ultimate purpose of Pow*r is to make things better for us all. Humanity is currently on a self-destructive path - you can make a difference by helping create a sustainable world based on love. Nothing is more vital.

and possibly the Nobel Peace Prize…

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 What do I risk?

Your comfort zone

The whole point of Pow*r! is to give you the opportunity to empower yourself, break out of your box and play in a larger arena. Expand your potential.

Stretching your self-imposed limits can be daunting - but that’s what it takes to live a fulfilled life. If that’s what you want, you just have to take the risk.


Can’t you just hear the criticism: “Who are you to think you can be somebody / reinvent the rules / create world peace?“ 

Unlike you, the critic owns their powerlessness. And unlike you, the critic will never live the fulfilling life that opens up when you empower yourself and expand your potential.

$21 US

… or 9 payments of $3. There’s no money-back guarantee - it may not work. So your money is at risk.

However, it’s not a lot of risk to create peace, opportunity and wellbeing for yourself and the world. Not to mention co-owning a University, software platform and global organization. 

What do you risk if you don’t…

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This is my decision


Thank you. Clearly you get it. Great.

Sign up now as a Charter Member. We donate $1 to Warchild for every Charter Membership. If we reach our target of 1,000,000 Charter Members, we will donate another $1 million.


Pow*r! is not for everyone - it’s a step into the unknown after all. Thanks for reading this far!


There’s a lot to digest on this page. Explore the site to find the information you need. To see if you are a good fit start with WHO; to immerse yourself go to DEEP DIVES; to see the latest, go to NEWS; when you are ready, click any “I’M READY!” button or JOIN in the menu.