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we the people, reinventing the rules

to create peace, opportunity and wellbeing

for all

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It’s the 21st Century

Why do we still have:

An arms race

and inevitable nuclear conflict?

Because our governance systems are old and built on competition and fear

Sky high inequality

and inevitable social unrest?

Because our governance systems are also built on power and money worship

Climate Inaction

and inevitable destruction?

Because our governance systems are also top heavy and unresponsive

 When we need:

Peace for all

Governance systems that support peace, freedom and harmony

Opportunity for all

Governance systems that support people reaching their potential

Wellbeing for all

Governance systems that support people being happy, healthy and safe

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How do we get that? 

New People

… bringing new energy and a new level of consciousness. Hello young people! It’s time to lead the leaders!

New Thinking

Start with the ideal, then make it real. Imagination and creativity followed by new knowledge and fearless action.

New Systems

… created by new people with new thinking to sustain the planet and support the evolution of humanity.

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 How do we do that?

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Pow*r is a worldwide, bottom up peaceful revolution, designed to empower the powerless and upend the established order.

Its purpose: we the people reinvent the rules to create peace, opportunity and wellbeing (POW) for all. Its energy set: love, inclusion, fearless fun and ease.

It’s never been done; you’re taking a conscious step into the unknown. It’s not for the faint of heart.

There are 2 phases:

Phase 1 is Empower U!, the bottom-up university.

It consists of over 20 personal, technology, systems and business programs and experiences, co-created by you.

You also co-create a software platform, a global organization (NUKO) and reinvent real world systems. And then ownership of it all is transferred to you..

Yes, on graduation, you co-own it all.

Phase 2 is NUKO, the organization you created and own.

It spreads the new way of creating governance/support systems throughout the world and teaches others how to do it. It’s self-reinforcing.

As its (and your) influence grows, leaders will follow - unable to ignore peace, opportunity and wellbeing for all any more.

What’s in it for me?

A Future

You are creating a sustainable world based on love - the only way humanity will survive. You are making a difference!

Your Future

You are creating a new way of being in the world - pow*rful, self confident, knowing that you can handle anything in your life.


You are on the leading edge; you are reinventing the way the world works; you are a pioneer; no one has done this before!

Personal Growth

You learn to see the world differently, think differently and act differently. You learn subjects not typically taught in school or college. And you build a growth network of people around the world.

Career Development

If you are just starting a career in technology, business or social change, learn from the best. If you are experienced, contribute your knowledge; increase your visibility..


You co-own a global “university” a software platform and global organization. Take the knowledge and experience you have gained to springboard your ideas in other areas of life - i.e. own your future as well!

and possibly the Nobel Peace Prize…

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 What do I risk?

Your comfort zone

The whole point of POW*r is that you empower yourself, break out of your box and expand your potential. That can be daunting but exciting and liberating at the same time!


You may face criticism, even mocking, for thinking you can create world peace. Cynics will say it’s impossible because it’s never been done. Unlike you, they are owning their powerlessness!

$21 US

… or 9 payments of $3. Not a lot of money to create peace, opportunity and wellbeing for yourself and the world. Not to mention co-owning a University, software platform and influential global organization.

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It’s decision time!

Not for me

Pow*r is not for everyone. As an expression of thanks for reading this far, follow the link and download our ebook “Why the World Needs You” with our compliments - no information is collected. You can also sign up for email updates in the footer.

Show me more

There’s a lot to digest on this page, so everything is explained in more detail throughout the website, so look through it to your heart’s content. If you decide to join by March 31st, you become a “Marcher”, so don’t take too long...

I’m ready!

Clearly you are decisive and proactive; an early adopter; a leader. Great. If you sign up by March 31, 2019 we will enrol you as a “Marcher” and show you how you can receive your $21 back and more. Click the I”m Ready button in the footer.